The man behind the gloves - Daragh Kelly

DK Sports is a Bettystown based sports apparel and accessories retailer, specialising in all things Gaelic Games.

I’m Daragh Kelly, a self-confessed GAA fanatic. I love hurling but being from Meath, Gaelic Football is my game and all my life I have played for the greatest club in Ireland -  St. Colmcilles, Bettystown.

I’m a player, coach, fan and a promoter of Gaelic games on my social channels, where I quite often get asked about boots, balls and gear - where to get them and which are best?

Balls are regulation, Boots are like Cinderella – they have to fit like a glove –everyone has a type and has to try them on. All other gear just needs to be functional, durable and cool, and once you have a size can be sourced online.

The gear I need most are gloves. I rarely drop the ball but lose gloves all over the place.

Recently I found a great brand : cool, comfortable, durable, flexible. Best of all they have great grip in ALL weather conditions - which is what we get most games we play these days !

DK Sports Blacked Out Gloves provide firm grip of Gaelic football

I sourced a few pairs for friends and now everyone’s looking for them, So I’ve secured a direct supply at a great price which you can now order right here online.

Catch a pair now and we’ll keep you posted on new styles and lines.